Thursday, March 04, 2010

Two-year Cancer Checkup

In late January, Anita and I headed out the door for Florida and a follow-on examination for the Proton Therapy I had back in 2007-08 for my prostate cancer. We'd decided to make a trip of it, so we started by visiting Vince and Legare in Birmingham, Alabama on our way down to Niceville. Was great to see them again, likewise the folks in Niceville amongst whom we'd lived for eight wonderful years. After three days there, we drove over to Daytona Beach and took a condo on the beach for a couple more great days. Then on to Kissimmee for a couple more days, on south to Pompano Beach for three (church and lunch with Chattanooga friends Everett and Gayle there), then back up to Orlando. We were able to spend one evening with some of Anita's cousins David and Stacy (and their four kids, including newly-born triplets) in Lakeland. The next evening we drove to Wildwood for dinner with Steve and Laurie and their beautiful daughters. Finally on February 4th we highballed for Jacksonville and had my checkup. I passed with flying colors so we're very happy about that. We were also glad that friends Gary and Patty from Lewiston, Idaho were there at the same time, so we could enjoy some time catching up. BTW, whenever you go to JAX, try to stop at Clark's Fishcamp; they have the best catfish you'll ever eat ;-) I should add that we stayed at the Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra - a very nice place for a reasonable price if you use

Best wishes...