Sunday, January 01, 2006

Holidays and Books...

I read several interesting books over the last month. The first was by Edith Schaeffer, wife of Dr. Francis Schaeffer. Titled "L'Abri," it's the story of the ministry developed by Dr. and Mrs. Schaeffer in Switzerland.

That book led me to another, "I Am Reminded," by Kennedy Smartt. In this interesting book Mr. Smartt (a presbyterian pastor) tells about the formation of the Presbyterian Church in America in 1973 and the first 25 years of the church's existence.

And the third book, to which I was led by Mr. Smartt, was "The Church Before the Watching World," by Dr. Schaeffer. Mr. Smartt said that this book was very important to the formation of the PCA, in that society's changes in philosophy and world view, away from historic Christianity, forced the Christian who is committed to the inerrent Word of God as given in Scripture is forced to practice "reverse discipline" by withdrawing from the apostate church.