Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prep Work

Anita and I drove from Tennessee to Jacksonville yesterday, and today I began the preparation for my up-coming treatment for prostate cancer. I had a bone scan and a chest x-ray today; tomorrow morning I will have a biopsy taken, and they will implant target seeds for the proton beam. In the afternoon I will have an MRI scan.

Thursday morning will be spent in "CT and MRI simulations." I'm not sure what all that entails, but I do know that when we get done, I'll know when my course of treatment will begin and how long it will last.

Today we had lunch with some of the folks in the program, guys being treated and their wives. They come here from all parts of the country, each with a different story. It was a pleasure to meet them, and we look forward to getting to know more of them as we go through the program.

Anita has been looking for a place for us to stay for the estimated eight-weeks required for treatment. We looked at a pretty nice place this afternoon, near the Naval Air Station and just off the Ortega River. We'll see what happens. Our current plan is to return home Friday. Praying for travel mercies.

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