Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back home again...

Anita and I got home late this afternoon from our trip to Wisconsin (we left Tennessee on Tuesday, Nov. 20), where we visited with my mother (as best we could ) and Anita's father. Mom has developed a blood clot in her leg, in addition to the one that caused the stroke, and that has become an ongoing concern. Blood thinners will take time to reduce it, and so she must remain in bed. We spoke late this afternoon with her faithful daughter, my sister Rita, who lives nearby and has been such a help to her over the years. Mom is set to go from the hospital to a nursing home tomorrow (Wednesday). There she will get the ongoing care she needs as the long recovery (God willing) continues. On Sunday we went to her church (where Anita and I were married 39 years ago) and all her friends expressed their concern. It was wonderful to be with them again.
On the way to church, I got a picture of these geese (Chinese Geese, according to their owner) walking on the ice-covered pond at the former Tom Tobola farm. My Dad did a lot of business with Mr. Tobola over the years; he owned the local Ford dealership. The new owner has a lot of exotic livestock, and intends to get a camel this summer.
Over the next several days Anita and I will be preparing for our eight-week sojourn in Jacksonville, Florida, where I will undergo treatment for my prostate cancer. We'll drive down on December 4 and begin treatment the following day. Thank you all for your prayers, both for me and for my mother.

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